Is Your Vehicle at Risk of Intense Hail Damage? | Napa Hail Repair

Is Napa Hail Repair Covered By Your Insurance?

Even if you are a careful driver and have avoided several accidents, your car can still be badly damaged by natural disasters. You vehicle is at great risk when hail storms occur. Thunderstorms can produce a variety of dents from pea size to golf ball size or even softball size. Hailstones can cause a lot of damage especially if your car is exposed outside. Knowing where to get Napa hail repair is very important in order to prevent lasting damage and expensive cost.

Is hail really that bad for my car?

Keep in mind that the bigger the hailstone that hits your vehicle, the more hail damage it can cause. Generally, the impact of hailstones will depend on its size. This means the bigger the hailstone, the heavier its impact. However, even small hailstones can cause significant damage. If left unattended, hail dents can cause corrosion and rust from a combination of water and exposed metal.

What kinds of coverage do I need?

Unfortunately, you cannot file a Napa hail repair claim if you have liability only insurance. However, if you have comprehensive coverage then your vehicle can be covered by both hail and storm damage. It is important that you must purchase your comprehensive coverage before a hailstorm will occur.

How can I avoid getting totaled by hail?

Substantial hail damage can leave your vehicle totaled. Hence, it all comes down to protection and prevention. So, what should you do in order to make sure that your vehicle is protected from hail damage? If a hailstorm is coming your way, then you should look for a covered parking right away. If you do not have a garage at home, then you can park in a mall while doing your shopping. If you can’t find a parking garage, then you can protect your vehicle by covering it. You can either use thick blankets, floor mats, or comforters. Just be sure to tape it down so it can’t be blown by the wind.