Is Hail Really a Threat to My Car?

During a hailstorm, cars can accumulate a great deal of damage. Hail is considered any frozen precipitation that is larger than one millimeter, but in some cases, hail can be inches thick. The degree of a car’s hail damage depends on the size and speed of the hail, so large, fast hail will cause more damage than small, slow hail. However, if the conditions are right, even small hail could cause significant dents in Napa vehicles.

Small Dents

Hail damage is typically round and shallow, but there are always dozens or even hundreds of dents. If one pellet of hail causes damage, others in the storm are likely to cause damage as well. If a car is covered in small, round dents, then Napa dent repair is the best option for retaining your factory coat.

Large Dents

The damage left behind by small hail can be unsightly and can affect resale value, but large hail could be even worse. Large hail can damage the surface of a car and potentially some of its inner mechanisms, which is why hail preparation and protection for your car is so important.

Napa Dent Repair

If you are one of the unfortunate victims of a hailstorm, Napa offers many methods of dent repair. One of the most common and inexpensive methods of hail dent repair is PDR, or paintless dent repair. PDR is approved by many insurance companies and does not show up on service reports. It does not involve paint or replacement parts, meaning that car owners can save money using this method over traditional hail dent repair.

Although unfortunate, hail storms can happen in Napa, and it’s important to be prepared. Park in a garage or keep your car covered to prevent hail damage and check the weather before you leave the house to watch for incoming storms. If your car does get damaged by hail, our Napa dent repair team offers a quick and affordable solution.