When To Use PDR For Fairfield Hail Repair?

Can PDR Fix Your Hail Damaged Car?

PDR is a very versatile technique, but our Fairfield hail repair technicians are limited by the size and location of the damage done to your vehicle. Luckily 80% of surface level dings aren’t a problem for us. In general there are 2 factors to keep in mind when determining the severity of a dent.

  1. Is the paint cracked? – If the factory coat of your car has been compromised then paintless dent repair probably won’t do you any good. We also run the risk of creating further damage and will usually avoid cracked paint. However, there are a few exceptions so request your free quote today!
  2. Is the dent difficult to reach? – Occasionally we encounter a dent that has tucked itself into a very precarious place. This can cause many problems for our techs if we can’t reach or apply pressure to the dent. For example, a dent on the body line of your car door might have very thin material that is easy to stretch and tear. Of course there are exceptions and a free quote is always the best way to know for sure!

PDR Is An Art

Paintless dent repair is a special technique that requires a unique set of tools. The PDR technicians at Fairfield hail repair use specially dent rods to access the back side of the body panel. They will then carefully massage the damage back to its original condition. In the case of hail damage, your tech will work on each dent one by one until your car looks like new again.

The simplicity of PDR can be deceiving. At first it may seem like a couple taps and the dent just disappears; However, it actually takes lots of patience, skill, and practice. We have seen far too many ruined DIY dent repair attempts that we cannot salvage. That is why most often the paintless dent repair technique is commonly referred to as an art. So please trust your damage with a reliable technician, and test your talents on some sheet metal rather than someone’s personal vehicle.