Body Shop or Paintless Fairfield Dent Repair – How To Decide Which One Is Right For You?

Got an ugly dent or ding on your precious new car? Or much worse, you’ve got lots of them due to hail damage? Before you send your car to a body shop, discover an easier way of fixing dings and dents. Most often crowded parking lots and unpredictable weather can lead to dents, dings, and hail damage. Well, you are not alone. Want to make your car look new again? Generally, you have two options. You can either bring your car to a body shop or to a Paintless Fairfield Dent Repair facility such as Dent Express PDR.

Which One Should You Choose?

Body shops traditionally fill a dent with a putty like material and paint over it to create a smooth finish. However, this can cause several issues, mainly mis-matched paint. Many factors can determine the hue of your paint job including temperature, oxygen, mixtures, drying time, etc. If the conditions aren’t met exactly you could end up with a nice swirly finish. On the other hand, paintless dent repair is entirely non-invasive, meaning we never alter the quality of your paint job. We simply return the dent to it’s pre-damaged state.

Consider The Damage

Your Fairfield dent repair options are greatly influenced by the kind of damage your car has received. PDR can fix 80% of minor surface dents and dings. However, for extensive damage wherein the paint has been cracked or chipped, then a body shop would be your best choice.

Dent Express provides the highest quality dent repair services around. Our impeccable work is designed to last without the need for repeat visits. Once the dent is gone, it’s gone for good. No other PDR company in Fairfield can beat our rates, turnaround times, and passion for a job well done. If you’re in need of a reliable Fairfield dent repair crew then call us today at (707) 580-1235.